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About SoftballStats.com

Softballstats.com launched in 2011 with the goal to become the preferred statistics tracking website and community for softball players everywhere. We offer both a Team Membership as well an individual Player Membership. Maybe you play on multiple teams or leagues, or change teams frequently. Maybe you have a Manager who doesn't keep the team website up to date. Not a problem. A Player membership allows you create your own Player Profile page and keep your own stats. And…we only do softball…no soccer, field hockey, flag football or badminton stats like some other sites. Plus, Softballstats.com intends to bring the best deals from equipment supply Companies to our members.
Both Our Team and Player Memberships allows you to create and maintain your own Profile Page where you can:
  • keep accurate stats no matter how many teams
  • leagues seasons or tournaments you participate in
  • sort your stats
  • keep a photo log
  • scout fellow members
  • check out your scouting report by other players
Pretty cool! Please Take a look and enjoy!