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How do I enter a game?
Go to the Game Log/ Entry tab on your profile page, click Enter New Game, and enter all of the game information required. Once you hit submit, your stats will automatically appear below in your Game Log.
How do I change my stats or delete a game if I enter them incorrectly?
Go to the Game Log/ Entry tab on your profile page, find the game and click the "edit" or "delete" button. Then re-enter your stats.
Can I enter games from previous years?
Yes, if you are a Premium Member. Just set up your team(s) and enter your game stats for those dates.
What if someone enters inaccurate stats?
Softballstats is designed to be a fun tool for those players who want to keep stats online. If someone wants to keep inaccurate stats, that's their issue. Plus, other players will know if they are bogus. Your stats will always be as accurate as you want them to be.
Why register as an individual player if my team joins and my manager enters Stats?
If you only play on one team forever and your manager enters stats regularly, then your OK. However, if your manager is not reliable, or you play on two or more teams, or leagues, or move, etc., then you can't have all your stats online. A Player Membership allows you to keep all your stats no matter where you play. Pretty cool!
Can I hide my stats from other members/ visitors?
No. Your stats are viewable to all members and visitors.
Can I hide my photos from other members/vsitors?
No. Your photos are viewable to all members and visitors.
What is the Fantasy rating and how is it calculated?
This feature calculates each Players and Teams Fantasy Value using the following formula that is similar to that used for Major league Baseball but modified for softball.

Hitting: (BB x 4) + (1B x 6) + (2B x 8) + (3B x 10) + (HR x 15) + (RBI x 5) + (R x 5) - AB